Cash-in Transit Services

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Cash-in Transit Services

1. Cash Collection
Skones Security helps in collecting your cash or cheques and transferring it to the bank on your behalf. 

2. Cash Counting
This is a service which succeeds the above mentioned service i.e. after the cash is collected. Cash counting is a very basic service which involves the company to sort and count the cash that is being collected. There is no limit to the collection and every penny that the company collects, is sorted and then counted to ensure that the amount which was told by the owner equals the amount which has been collected by the executive.

3. Cash Delivery
This is what the name suggests i.e. delivering cash to where it is needed. This cash delivery service includes the company to deliver cash in desired denominations to different places, as per the desire of the owner. You can get cash delivered to your organization on the weekends, at odd hours; basically whenever and wherever you want.