Special Advisors


Position: Operations & Quality Assurance Advisor

- Entered the private security industry in 1987 as Business Strategy and Development Advisor, PAHEK Security Services, in Lagos.
- Mentored by Pedro Imadoja, 1st African Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Security, (IISec), London; became member of the Nigerian Professional Security Association(NPSA)
- 1st Programme Director, Centre for Security Education and Research, Lagos in 1994; 
- Founded and was Editor-In-Chief of Safety & Security Magazine. Consulted for various foreign and local private security firms and corporate organizations on Strategic Security.



Position: Emergency Planning & Business Continuity Advisor

- Head of Security at VALCO, 1981 – 2005
- One of Ghana’s foremost professionals in Industrial Security.
- Graduate, American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).
- Graduate, GROUP 4 SECURITAS Training Institute U.K.
- Graduate, PACIFIC INSTITUTE for Excellence U.S.A.
- Expert in Investigations. 
- Specialist in Emergency Planning & Business Continuity Strategies. 
- Graduate of the Junior Defence College – Ghana.
- Graduate of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst U.K. Dec. 1965 – Dec. 1966



Position: CIT Operations Management Advisor

- Was Head of Cash Management at Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) for seven (7) years and supervised the implementation of the Cash In Transit (CIT) activity in ADB (2007 – 2013)
- Worked as the key, central figure that coordinated the outsourced cash handling and movement activity in ADB
- Created the framework for capturing data on and valuing the cash handling and movement services rendered to the bank by the outsourced companies.
- Plan, organize and supervise cash collection services rendered to the customers of the bank on a daily basis
- Monitor cash balances in branch vaults across the ADB branch network to ensure they are within operational and insured limit